April 11, 2022

5 Easy Ways Struggling Makeup Brands Can Skyrocket Sales

Today, the makeup industry has become one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Consumers always look for the best products offered by hundreds of makeup brands. However, this multi-billion-dollar industry is characterized by cutthroat competition, making it hard for struggling makeup brands to increase their sales.  

Brands struggle due to various reasons. Sometimes, they start to use controversial low quality ingredients that hinder their progress. Therefore, in 2021, there were some controversial makeup brands that faced back lash and from which you can learn.

Many a time, it can be difficult for small or new makeup brands to break through this saturated market. Sometimes, brands unknowingly indulge in unethical practices in the cosmetic industry and face challenging times. If you feel you are among struggling those, then this article is for you!  

Five Ways Struggling Make-up Brands Can Skyrocket Sales

1.      Social Media Marketing

Social media has become the best way to market and showcase beauty products to the world. However, not many makeup brands are focusing on it, and that's why they are struggling. Today, it is pretty essential that a brand has active social media accounts on every platform, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. Creating exposure around your beauty products by posting persuasive content for the target audience can get you leads and eventually sales.  

Social media marketing can lead to an active following, which in turn can increase your makeup sale and enable you to monitor clients' feedback. As a struggling beauty business, you can run ads on social platforms and put the best towards revenue increase.  

2.      Make your Brand Unique  

To improve sales, beauty businesses have to work on their brand. Unfortunately, there are various struggling makeup businesses out there who have no idea what their brand has to offer. To come out from the struggling phase, start by having an attractive and unique logo. Your brand represents your values and brand identity. In addition, a struggling brand can highlight social issues in the beauty industry to set itself apart from others.  

Moreover, beauty brands can create a unique brand message that highlights the pain points you are solving with your products. The message can also determine why your brand is the best solution for your beauty problems.  

3.      Do Promotions and Giveaways  

Every consumer love to dial promo codes and enjoy discounts. You can engage customers on your social media pages and blog through promotions and contests to help increase your stagnant revenue. Struggling makeup businesses can also go for special offers, sample giveaways, and events that can create buzz about your products, such as:  

  • 10% off deals,  
  • buy one get one free,  
  • gifts for purchasing an item, or  
  • online competitions that will involve your product application

Steps like these can help brands increase product awareness and eventually sales. For instance, if a brand offers a special promo on a specific skincare product, consumers would try to buy it before the offer ends, as they are saving on their budget.  

4.      Involving Beauty Influencers  

Social media following are doing wonders for the beauty industry. Makeup brands can find social media, especially Instagram influencers, to promote their products. There are a plethora of profiles that get paid to advertise beauty products.  

Getting the support of influencer marketing can give you more exposure as a brand and help you make more sales. It's like any other form of marketing.  

5.      Publish Online Testimonials  

An online testimonial is a fantastic tool for boosting the image credibility of beauty brands. Whenever a consumer buys a product, the brand can ask them to write a review or fill a form if they are satisfied with the product.  

Also, brands can ask for a testimonial accompanied by the consumer’s name to make it believable or ask customers to make a video about using the product. After getting the testimonials, place them in strategic positions on your social media accounts or blog. Further, you can add quotes from testimonials on your marketing materials like emails and flyers. More testimonials mean more credibility and eventually more product selling.  

Final Words  

The makeup segment in the beauty industry is among the fastest-growing segment. To be among top-selling brands, makeup brands have to do more than conventional marketing.  By clearly outlining the products' benefits, creating a good online impression, and finding gaps that other brands are not filling, struggling makeup brands can skyrocket their sales.

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