April 21, 2022

Ingredient Insights: Vitamin C

Vitamin C have several health benefits and is being widely used as an essential ingredient to various skin care and hair care products for years. Most of the consumer base of the beauty industry demand vitamin c infused products to attain desired results with it.  

What is Vitamin C?

Vitamin C is also called ascorbic acid, it is water soluble. It carries anti-oxidant benefits for skin when applied topically and acts as an immune-boosting agent when it is ingested.  

Vitamin C in skincare products brightens, detoxifies, and evens out the complexion. It also strengthens the skin’s vascular wall, offering an anti-inflammatory effect.  

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C works on detoxifying, brightening and rejuvenating your skin. It provides the skin an anti-inflammatory effect that plays a vital role in strengthening the vascular wall of skin. It increases the production of elastin and collagen that contributes to improve and maintain the connective tissues of skin. However, it is beneficial to maintain healthy skin, hair and muscles.  

Boosts Collagen Production

Vitamin C plays a vital role in improving the production of collagen. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that contributes to healthy hair, skin, tendons and muscles. As we get older, the production of collagen decreases but, Applying skincare products with vitamin C can increase its productions and rejuvenate the skin.  

Treats Hyperpigmentation

Excessive exposure to UV rays and environmental stress might cause hyperpigmentation (dark spots). Although it is harmless, but it may make your face look older. Vitamin C can help reducing dark spots and also other ageing signs. The anti-oxidant properties helps treating hyperpigmentation and gives you a younger, sooth and glowing skin.

Increases Skin Hydration

When the skin is dehydrated, it tends to get itchy and might lead to premature ageing. Vitamin C contributes to maintaining a good skin hydration level as it helps it to retain moisture. Moreover, it makes the skin smoother, plump and also prevents it from getting too dry or oily.

Reduces Redness

The redness on skin might be caused by various conditions such as eczema, rosacea, hormonal disturbance, sun exposure or any other medical condition. The anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C does well to treat uneven and red skin while giving smooth, glowing and fair skin.  

Promotes Hair Health

Free radical damage can lead to ageing of hair and vitamin C’s anti-oxidant properties helps reducing the oxidative stress and protecting the hair. Moreover, as this vitamin contributes to increase the production of collagen (protein that is essential part of hair’s structure), gives you healthy and shiny hair.

Final Thoughts  

Vitamin C comes with several benefits for skin, hair and overall body health. The consumer base of the beauty industry demands it as an essential ingredient. Moreover, the market share of vitamin C infused personal care products is one rise.  

Hence, adding it to the products from your beauty line can be quite beneficial. However, in which form and quantity you shall add it into your brand’s products can be determined by only consulting an expert.

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