March 31, 2022

Ingredient Insights: Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs)  

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are some of the most valuable, quality and trending ingredients of skincare products. These are being widely used to treat various skin conditions worldwide. In fact, the market share for Alpha Hydroxy Acid based beauty products is expected to cross USD 3 Billion by 2024.  
As more and more young adults are becoming aware of early ageing signs and want to reduce them. The usage of such a product containing AHAs as an ingredient is in-demand. So, let’s have a keen look at what these are and what benefits these natural acids have.

What are Alpha Hydroxy Acids?

Alpha hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are a group of acids that are derived from plants and animals to treat several skin conditions. These acids include glycolic acids, citric acid, lactic acids and many other acids as well.
These acids are well known for their anti-ageing properties and are being added to several skincare products. It includes creams, serums, toners and chemical peels.  

Benefits of Alpha Hydroxy Acids  

Increases Collagen Production  

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that works on maintaining overall skin health and its moisture. Moreover, it contributes to the production of elastin which plays a vital role in keeping the skin cells smooth, soft, and younger.
As people get older, collagen content in the skin starts to decline, and also extensive exposure to sun can damage it as well. Therefore, people need an agent to increase collagen production without any side effects and AHAs are best for this purpose. Applying a skincare product containing AHAs penetrates well into the middle layer of skin and destroys old collagen fibers to promote rejuvenation.

Helps Getting Rid of Ageing Signs  

As we know that alpha hydroxy acids help skin to get rid of old skin cells, it allows it to rejuvenate itself. Rejuvenation enables growth of new skin cells that are younger and healthier. This way the ageing signs are removed and the person applying it gets newer and younger skin.  

Stimulate Blood Flow

Alpha hydroxy acids are very helpful to stimulate blood flow due to their anti-inflammatory properties. An increased blood flow contributes to achieving healthy skin as every skin cell receives oxygen-rich blood cell that improves overall skin health.

Treats Acne  

AHAs have great exfoliation properties that play a vital role in treating and even preventing acne. Acnes are formed when the skin pores are clogged with sebum (oil), bacteria and dead skin cells. Exfoliating with a product containing alpha hydroxy acids helps remove sebum. In addition to it, regular usage of alpha hydroxy acids helps prevent acne and various other skin problems.

How Much Alpha Hydroxy Acids Are better for your Products?

According to the recommendation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, products shall not contain more than 10% of Alpha hydroxy acids.

Final Words  

Alpha hydroxy acids are one of the most popular skincare product’s ingredients and have a significant market share. Incorporating AHAs to your products would help your customers to achieve desired results in a short span of time; boost your brand’s reach and sales.

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