March 3, 2022

7 Benefits To Sell White Label Personal Care Products Online

Online selling has brought a revolution in many industrial sectors. As a result, businesses are growing manifolds and the personal care products business is no different. As per a study, the global beauty industry market is valued at $511 billion in 2021. The beauty and personal care market will hit a jaw-dropping market size of $716.6 billion by 2025.  

Online selling looks to be a major factor behind these growth numbers. So, if you are interested to know the benefits of starting your white label beauty products business, then this article is for you:

1- Reach More Customers  

With a physical store, you may only reach a limited number of buyers. However, through online selling, you can avoid this restriction. There are e-commerce, and B2B marketplaces that provide delivery and logistics systems to help you sell beauty care products online.

White label sellers can benefit from this by finding new buyers online to reach out to more customers. In addition, through online selling, you can save on logistics costs and be rest assured of clients.  

2- Gel-in With the New Normal

COVID-19 has hit the economic activities round the globe. In these unprecedented times, online selling is no less than a blessing.  

Since online buying and selling of beauty products has become a part of the new normal, it is the best time for a small batch of skincare manufacturers to seize the opportunity. Consumers prefer to shop online, and you can quickly introduce white-label personal care products either through the website or social media.  

3- Control  

Through physical stores, it becomes difficult to have business control. Online selling helps white label product manufacturers control everything, including inventory management, website marketing, and social media campaigns.

Through online selling, white label companies can easily manage inventory data through different software and apps. Similarly, they can write and manage entire online content either on their website or on e-commerce marketplaces like Alibaba, Amazon, or Made in China. Moreover, you have all the rights to run online marketing campaigns (email and social media) in the way you want. All in all, keeping control of the online selling of personal care products has become a lot easier.

4- Reduced Cost  

one of the main benefits of selling your white label beauty products online is reduced cost. To run a physical store, you need to buy a shop or rent it monthly. Moreover, a business needs to bear the cost of managing the workforce, property, etc.

So, selling your white label products online is the best option for reducing its cost. Having an online store or a social media account for your business opens a gateway to unlimited opportunities and also gets you rid of bearing the cost of a physical store.

5- Less Inventory Management Risk  

Inventory forecasting is a significant factor in any business, including for white label products manufacturers. However, a small batch skincare manufacturer can precisely forecast inventory requirements through different software.

With white labelling, it's an advantage that a brand can ask the contract manufacturer to produce only a required quantity of products. So, there is hardly any inventory management risk for white label products to sell.  

6- Cost-effective Marketing  

You can start your journey to become one of the best beauty brands by spending a few dollars. When we talk about Facebook advertising, you can start for as low as USD 5 and increase your budget according to your needs.  
Having an e-commerce store is not mandatory to sell your products online as there are several existing marketplaces and social media channels for this purpose.  

With 2.91 million monthly active users on Facebook, 1.4 billion monthly active users on Instagram, and almost 1 billion monthly active users on TikTok; you can estimate how easy it is to get more eyeballs with less marketing expense.  

7- 24/7 Selling Opportunity  

It's a no-brainer! There is always a time restriction with regards to a physical store. However, online selling enables any company to sell beauty products twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Online stores provide flexibility to both sellers and buyers. A seller can update the inventory anytime and the seller can view your product and make purchases whenever they want.

Final Words  

Personal care brands can skyrocket their sales with an online store, or just a social media handle even. The digital era is benefiting both old and new beauty brands. As the demand for innovative beauty products has increased, beauty start-ups are constantly working to provide an out-of-the-box solution; an online store/social media account can help them stand out from their competitors.  

We're here to help new and growing brands.

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