March 1, 2022

Top 6 Benefits of Sustainable Packaging for Private Label Skincare Companies

Sustainable packaging plays a huge role in modern consumerism, especially in the skincare industry. The estimated market share of green/sustainable packaging worldwide by 2025 is USD 246.3 billion.  

Moreover, most of the consumer base of beauty brands is more aware of the impact of non-sustainable packaging materials have on human and earth. Therefore, most beauty brands spend loads of resources developing eye-catching sustainable packaging designs that can set them apart from the crowd to entice more buyers.

From a business viewpoint, there are several benefits of eco-friendly packaging for private label Skincare companies. These are mentioned below:

1. Improved Brand Image

Developing or entering as an environmentally responsible private label skincare company curates trust within the customer base. Consumers’ concerns regarding sustainable products are skyrocketing after each passing day. As we discussed before, the expected market share of sustainable products is USD 246.3 billion by 2025; a beauty business shall not miss out on it.

2. Minimized Transportation Costs

Other materials such as plastic need to be outsourced, making the company bear more transportation costs. In contrast, sustainable packaging materials can be easily sourced locally.

3. Reduces Carbon Footprints

If your packaging for skincare products is made from recycled stuff, then the carbon footprint will be reduced significantly. Similarly, if the packaging is made from organic materials such as cardboard or bamboo, the growth of these products throws carbon out of the environment.  

4. Biodegradable

If the skincare product packaging is made from organic stuff, it will automatically be biodegradable. Plastic cannot be biodegraded easily as it takes hundreds of years to be decomposed and releases harmful chemicals during the process of decomposition.  

5. Easily Disposable

A majority of private label skincare products manufacturers across the globe have dedicated disposal or recycling services or areas. In comparison, sustainable packaging materials are way too easily disposable than plastic packaging items.  

6. Zero Harmful Toxins

Petrochemical resources that are non-sustainable such as crude oil used to produce most plastic are astonishingly harmful to the planet in terms of refinement, extraction, distribution, and disposal.  

Eco-friendly or sustainable packaging has none of these problems over its life. As it decomposes, harmful chemicals like the ones produced by plastic are absent.  

Final Words

Private label skincare companies can benefit from sustainable packaging in many ways. If you are planning to incorporate green packaging for your business or you have done it and are facing issues, Brand Runners can help you with that.

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